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There are currently no Registrations Open for the 2017 Indiana State Games.

The Indiana State Games is in a Transition Period and will update information as it is available. The Indiana State Games is transferring management and will no longer be hosted by SWIRCA & More. In this transition we are seeking sponsors and support to revitalzie the Indiana State Games. Please send all inquiries of support to

Please continue to send your questions and concerns to Holly Schneider.

Thank you for your patience at this time. We look forward to hosting again in 2018 for the Qualification of the National Senior Games to be held in 2019.


Registration Mailing Address:

Currenlty No Mailing Address
Please do not contact or mail to SWIRCA & More

Holly Schneider
812-483-7948 Please leave a message
Please do not call 812-492-7440

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