Golf Results
Tuesday, May 20, 2014

QP - Qualified by Place
QM - Qualified by Minimum Performance Standards (MPS)


First Name Last Name Main State Gender Golf - Age Group Score Place Qualified
CAROLYN MINDEL OH Female 55-59 81 1 QP
Patti NELIS PA Female 55-59 91 2 QM
Susan PETERS IN Female 60-64 85 1 QP
PAULA SMITH IL Female 65-69 90 2 QM
CAROLYN THOMPSON PA Female 65-69 88 1 QP
SCOTT LOKERS MI Male 55-59 79 1 QP
John Andrew IN Male 60-64 DNF    
JOHN STOOPS IL Male 60-64 89 1 QP
Joe Dippel IN Male 65-69 103 3  
Doug Holland IN Male 65-69 89 2  
IVAN STUBBS IN Male 65-69 82 1 QP
Bob GLORDAN IN Male 70-74 78 1 QP
Tom HIRST OH Male 70-74 80 2 QM
TOM POPPAS IN Male 75-79 95 1 QP
Ray LOKERS MI Male 95-99 57 1 QP


54-Hole Scratch (for National Play)
1. All first place winners or athletes meeting this sport’s NSGA minimum performance standards in competition at a 
2014 NSGA qualifying games will qualify for the 2015 National Senior Games. Qualifiers will be determined by 18-
hole (not two rounds of a 9 hole course) gross score played on a course with a minimum par of 70 and a United 
States Golf Association (USGA) slope rating between 119 and 126 for men and between 113 and 120 for women. 
Handicap scores are not acceptable for qualifying. Nine-hole gross scores are permitted only for those 90 and 
older. In competitions with more than an 18-hole competition, any single 18-hole score meeting the golf minimum 
performance standard will qualify a competitor for the NSGA tournament. For open state qualifiers, Rule H 
2. Any NSGA Member Organization using a golf course that does not meet the NSGA slope ratings is required to 
complete and submit a waiver. The MPS may be adjusted. 

Click Here to view the Minimum Performance Standards.