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Why support the Indiana State Games?

Indiana State Games mission is to provide older adults the opportunity to engage in competitive and recreational sporting events as well as enhance the quality of life through fellowship and socialization in a safe and enjoyable environment to gain, maintain, or enhance an active lifestyle.

Word of mouth advertising has been our biggest asset thus far. Our participants excitement to have the opportunity to compete among peers and the welcoming atmosphere in our community have allowed our events to continue to grow. We do however need funding the maximize the potential of our events. With increased funding, we will be able to continually increase our participation and reach more older adults to alert them of the opportunity they just don't know about without advertisement. We will use funding to maximize advertising to get the word out all over the state. Currently we have a marketing committee and offer fundraisers, ask for donations, sponsorships, and charge a nominal fee for the participation.

What we do for the community

Our community benefits by having the opportunity to continue to strive for healthy living for active aging. It is our goal to encourage active lifestyles within the senior population.

We impact thousands of persons in the community by decreasing depression, loneliness, and healthcare costs; in turn by increasing longevity of life, a sense of accomplishment, and daily active living opportunities.

Clubs and Clinics are offered in the community to get those over 50 engaged in sport at their level of ability and pace.


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